Teethers – Baby Toys

Can be kept in the fridge to help soothe sore gums and washed with hot soapy water. Non-slip texture. Made from natural food grade silicone (and silk cord), non-toxic and free from BPA, Phthalates and PVC. They are compliant with EU Safety Standards. Custom designs are available upon request.

Silicone Teething Nursing Necklaces for the Mom to wear

Soft on Babies gums, great sensory tool to help while nursing. Easy to attract the attention of the Baby and it won’t be lost. Non-slip texture. Can be washed with hot soapy water and to leave to dry naturally. Can be kept in the fridge to help soothe sore gums. Made from natural food grade silicone (and silk cord), non-toxic and free from BPA, Phthalates and PVC. They are compliant with EU Safety Standards.

Handmade Nappy Wallets

Our Unique, Handmade Nappy Wallet is Perfect For Those Short Trips When You Need Only Few Diapers And Case Of Wipes. Custom designs are available upon request.

Pregnancy Bola

Did you know the baby inside of the mother womb can hear sounds starting at about 20 weeks?

A Great Nursing Necklace

Bola also may be worn after birth and the same relaxing sound may bring comfort, a sense of familiarity during nursing and can be used to help soothing  and entertaining. The bola makes a timeless keepsake for the new mum to remember those special nine months of her pregnancy.

Open your heart to the wonders of sound with this gorgeous magical chime necklace

A baby fills a place in your heart you never knew was empty. The baby will love to fiddle with the pendant while nursing, it will keep them busy and helps to nurse more effectively.

Pregnancy Bola

Is also called “The Angel Caller” or “Harmony Ball”. The bola is an ancestral jewellery that can be found in many cultures across the world.

A bell inside the ball produces a soothing chime representing long life and fertility.

It would make a great gift for a new mum-to-be or as a baby shower gift.

A Musical Chime Necklace

This gentle, soothing chime sound will become familiar to the baby and may comfort, relax him/her in the womb while creating a bond between the mum and the baby.

Meaning Behind The Jewelry

The bola is often used for soothing the mind. It has been said that the power of sound is one of the greatest.


The Bola Is A Beautiful Keepsake Gift Which Can Be Passed From Generation To Generation

Presented in a gift packaged box with full information on the history and instruction to use.

You Are Truly Blessed And I Wish You The Best Throughout Your Pregnancy.   Congratulation!

100% Genuine Natural Baltic Amber Necklace

Baltic amber is very popular in many cultures. Wearing it is very comfortable as it is light weight.

Proof of Authenticity: We will provide you a certificate. The jewelry we sell was made from genuine Baltic Amber.

Captured Sunshine!

Amber stones – the most popular once – come in warm colours – a variety of honey, yellow, orange and sunny brown tones, amber is considered to be the stone of the sun.

What is Amber?

Amber is the fossilised resin from prehistoric trees, dating as far back as 320 million years ago.

Amber Necklace/Bracelet

Is made for wearing – not chewing. Baltic amber is comfortable, lightweight and very beautiful, amber is radiant with the energy of peace.

Amber is NOT a toy! Please use appropriately and Supervise your child at All The Times while wearing the necklace/bracelet.


Lightweight And Comfortable To Wear

To make it extra special, each necklace/bracelet is wrapped in delicate paper and sent in a beautiful natural bag (with flower design). It will include a special card with information and instructions to use.

I Wish You And Your Baby Good Health And Much Happiness!

Important Safety Notice – Baltic Amber Necklace

If you are looking for chewable teething products please, check out our Teethers – Baby Toys and Teething Nursing Necklaces for the Mom to wear that are completely safe for your teething baby.

As it is composed of small parts Amber Necklaces / Bracelets Are Not Suitable For Children Under 36 Months (EU Toy Safety Regulations EN-71-1). Amber Is NOT A Toy!
Please Use Appropriately And Supervise Your Child At All The Times While Wearing The Necklace. Although Every Effort Is Made To Ensure Each Necklace/Bracelet Has Been Securely Strung, We Do Advise That You Check It Before Each Use.
Jewellery Should Be Removed When Child Is Sleeping Or Unattended!
Parents/guardians are ultimately responsible for the safety of a child while wearing an amber necklace/bracelet.
When the item is not being worn please keep it out of sight and reach of young children.
We Can’t Assume Any Responsibility Of The Wearing Of This Necklace.
It Is Advised To Remove During Bath.
Please, follow the measuring and safety guides if you wish to use our amber products.

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