Safety Information and Guidelines for Baltic Amber Necklaces and Bracelets

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Please Use Appropriately And Supervise Your Child At All The Times While Wearing The Necklace. Although Every Effort Is Made To Ensure Each Necklace/Bracelet Has Been Securely Strung, We Do Advise That You Check It Before Each Use.


  • Jewellery Should Be Removed When Child Is Sleeping Or Unattended!
  • Parents/guardians are ultimately responsible for the safety of a child while wearing an amber necklace/bracelet.
  • When the item is not being worn please keep it out of sight and reach of young children.
  • We Can’t Assume Any Responsibility Of The Wearing Of This Necklace.
  • It Is Advised To Remove During Bath.
  • Detergents and perfumes might cause damage to the item.
  • Wear the amber bracelets under a sock and do not allow to be pulled, also Necklaces can be worn on the ankle (by double-wrapping the necklace around the ankle).
  • Amber is soft so keep stored in the natural fabric bag to stop it getting scratched.


The Amber Necklaces and Bracelets we sell incorporate the following safety features:

Necklaces need to be short enough so as not to hang down and get caught. Leave a two finger gap between the tape and neck.
They are threaded on cotton which will break if caught on something or pulled.
To maximise the safety of our necklaces and bracelets all beads are knotted in between each other and finished with a screw plastic clasp.
There is a knot between each bead so that if it breaks the beads remain intact and in most cases will not scatter.
No sharp edges: The amber beads are rounded and polished.
The amber beads are not toxic.
Do not allow the amber to be chewed. Amber is a resin and will shatter under pressure. Cracked beads could be inhaled and become dangerous.
If it breaks, please do not attempt to fix the item as we cannot guarantee its safety.

Proof of Authenticity
We will provide you a certificate with your order, which will prove that the jewelry we sell was made from genuine Baltic Amber. If you have any questions or doubts about our Amber, feel free to contact us.

Safety Guidelines: As it is composed of small parts Amber Necklaces / Bracelets Are Not Suitable For Children Under 36 Months (EU Toy Safety Regulations EN-71-1). Amber Is NOT A Toy! Children over 36 months must wear it under close adult supervision. As per trading standards labelling requirements and general product safety regulations, all items are supplied with a care leaflet and instructions. Please read it carefully.

Please, follow the measuring and safety guides if you wish to use our amber products.

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