Pregnancy Bola

a meaningful piece of jewellery

Chimes when ball is moving.

Pregnancy Bola (also called The Angel Caller, Harmony Ball, Mexican Bola, Pregnancy Chime Pendant) is worn as necklaces and have been used in various cultures for centuries by pregnant women. It is designed to create a gentle soft chiming sound during mums movement and the baby is relaxed by these chimes up until the birth.

A Pregnancy Bola contains a small bell like item that emits very subtle but audible chimes with movement, not unlike the sound of wind charms in a very soft breeze. The Bola (brass with silver plated, enamel) is approx. 22 mm in diameter, and comes with a lightweight (natural) brown cotton cord, which is 150 cm long and is adjustable in length to ensure a correct fit for everyone. Alternatively you can choose a gorgeous sterling silver chain (115 cm).