Bubble – Beautiful Pregnancy Bola Necklace, Harmony Ball, Mexican Bola, Pregnancy Gift, Angel Caller


A very special mum-to-be gift to celebrate pregnancy.
The Bola (brass with silver plated, enamel) is approximately 22 mm in diameter.
Comes with a gorgeous Sterling Silver Plated Chain (115 cm).
The Pregnancy Bola is ready to give away if it is for gift.

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Harmony Ball Pendants worn as necklaces have been used in various cultures for centuries by pregnant women.

The Harmony Ball contains a small bell like item that emits very subtle but audible chimes with movement, not unlike the sound of wind charms in a very soft breeze.

The pregnancy harmony balls are generally worn on very long cords or necklace chains so that the harmony ball itself rests on the belly of the pregnant woman. From about 16-20 weeks into the pregnancy  the unborn baby will hear the soft chimes sound coming from the harmony ball. The soft chiming sound soothe the unborn baby and can even have calming benefits for the mother to be.

Pregnancy Harmony Balls are often worn for a period of time after the birth of the child. The mother will often shorten the necklace so that the harmony ball pendant is situated between her throat and her breasts so that it can be played with by the child whilst breast feeding or the soothing sound of the pregnancy harmony ball emanates as the mother gently rocks her baby to sleep. The Pregnancy harmony ball pendant is passed on from mother to child and becomes a treasured family heirloom.

The Bola (brass with silver plated) is approx. 20 mm in diameter, and comes with a gorgeous Sterling Silver Plated Chain (115 cm)


Presented in a  gift box and ready to give away if it is for gift.

Due to the nature of handmade materials, colour may slightly vary in the item you receive.


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